Slide background Mechanical cleaning of
water-supply systems
with Hydro-Gel
Comparison table

of common technologies

Slide background Not necessary to disrupt the system No need for special type of flushing joints Saves time and money More effective then any other method Find out more Slider Image
Slide background Insoluble in water Environment friendly,tasteless and smell less Registered technology Hydro-Gel can be ejected to a public sewer Decomposes naturally Find out more Slider Image

Mechanical cleaning of water distribution system with Hydro-Gel

Using the Hydro-Gel technology we can easily, effectively and economically remove the waste materials deposited inside the pipeline or adhering onto the inner wall of the pipes. The hydro-gel is a water based gel, which does not contain any harmful substances and completely environmentally friendly. Thanks to these properties it can be safely employed in the cleaning of drinking water pipelines. The preparation of the hydro-gel is done on-site, minding the respective circumstances of the individual cleaning. We can optionally combine the gels with various agents, for example with disinfectants, this way we can conclude a complex cleaning job in one step.


Hydro-Gel can also be used in combination with other technologies

Disinfection of water-supply systems with nano-fluids

Complex cleaning and disinfection of water-supply systems

Exact mapping of underground pipeline systems with "Pipe-Finder

Inspection of pipe systems by video recorder, using the "Pig+Gel" technology


We also developed Oleo-Gel for efficient cleaning of hydrocarbon pipelines

Cleaning of hydrocarbon pipelines with Oil-Based Gels

The pipelines which transmit hydrocarbons can be contaminated with a number of different materials, such as parafins, asphaltenes, sediment sand, lime, iron oxide, etc. The cleaning technology using Oil-Based Gels has been proved as one of the most efficient ways to clean and dehydrate hydrocarbon pipelines. The huge benefit is decreasing the time- and cost factors, since the otherwise costly and timeconsuming task can be done by letting the gels past through the pipeline just once!