Our services

We continuously develop the Hydro-Gel technology and the connected services, according to our field experience and measurement data. We would like to draw attention to the fact, that our Hydro-Gel connected services can be combined with each other, tailored to the respective needs.

Mechanical cleaning of water-supply systems with hydro-gel

Using the Hydro-Gel technology we can easily, effectively and economically remove the waste materials deposited inside the pipeline or adhering onto the inner wall of the pipes. The hydro-gel is a waterbased gel, which does not contain any harmful substances and completely environmentally friendly. Thanks to these properties it can be safely employed in the cleaning of drinking water pipelines. The preparation of the hydro-gel is done on site, minding the respective circumstances of the individual cleaning. We can optionally combine the gels with various agents, for example with disinfectants, this way we can conclude a complex cleaning job in one step.

Disinfection of water-supply systems with nano-fluids

The disinfection of water-supply systems is a recurring problem for system operators. The residue inside the pipes, furthermore the bacterial membrane adhering to the walls of the pipeline can cause secondary contamination of the drinking water. Beside the ferrit- and manganese bacteria, there could be such living organism settled, which can be harmful for the human health. Removing these organism is a top hygiene priority. The hydro-gel + nano-fluid combination we employ can effectively remove all organisms from the system. This technology even offers a reliable solution against the pertinacious Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection.

Complex cleaning and disinfection of water-supply systems

Folllowing the mechanical cleaning of the pipes of a water-supply system, you always have to disinfect the system. Using the Hydro-Gel high technology the cleaning and the disinfection can be done in one step. There are a number of possibilities: either we can dilute the disinfectant into the gel material itself, or we can situate the disinfectant between two gel plugs. Both solutions are appropriate and can decrease the timespan of the operations. As a result of this solution the water-supply system can be immediately put back into operation, right after the cleaning.t.

Cleaning of hydrocarbon pipelines with Oil-Based Gels

The pipelines which transmit hydrocarbons can be contaminated with a number of different materials, such as parafins, asphaltenes, sediment sand, lime, iron oxide, etc. The cleaning technology using Oil-Based Gels has been proved as one of the most efficient ways to clean and dehydrate hydrocarbon pipelines. The huge benefit is decreasing the time- and cost factors, since the otherwise costly and timeconsuming task can be done by letting the gels past through the pipeline just once!

Exact mapping of underground pipeline systems with "Pipe-Finder"

Our latest develpoment is a special tool, which is travelling along the pipelines with the hydro-gel and maps the exact layout of the system, and collects further valuable data during the operation. The Pipe-Finder is a matchbox size, specially designed tool, which can be employed in pipes above DN 80 mm diameter. The tool is being transmitted by the gel and continuously records the X-Y-Z coordinates from the starting point, ultimately giving the pipeline system's site plan layout and depth data, which can be exported to a computer and we can even print out a system layout map.

Inspection of pipe systems by video recorder, using the "Pig+Gel" technology

In order to upkeep the operational safety of transmission lines or main distribution lines of water-supply systems, it is advised to conduct a periodic inspection of the inside conditions. The Pig+Gel technology is an effective method of inspection of pipelines by video recorder . During the operation a specially designed Pig is being transmitted by the Hydro-Gel, with a preset even speed, in order to get high quality recordings. This technology is highly economical in regards of the inside inspection of drinking water, hydrocarbon and other transmission lines.

We strive to serve the industry and system operators by providing quality services. There is a hidden potential in the Hydro-Gel high technology, which only surfaces during the solution of new problems, therefore we encourage you to turn to us with your questions and we will seek out a solution to it!